Our main goal is the best and qualitative progress and improvement the quality of life of people with special needs and their families.

The Association was established in 2012 by parents and supporters of people with special needs.
In 2013, it was given a status of a humanitarian organisation that works in a public interest. Our programmes: BDA, Self-support group, Happy Feet run, AAC, Assistance in a home environment, Programme of support and education. Our employees, volunteers and members try to provide progress for the children and their families through therapies, seminars, social events. Every year we carry out numerous hours of voluntary work. We help families in a longer run, and we implement an individual approach.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– legislation regulating the rights of persons with disabilities in Slovenia
– social inclusion
– advocacy, empowerment of persons with disabilities and their relatives

Expertise sought

We are looking for partners who work in the field of the rights of persons with disabilities, the legislation that regulates their rights, improvements to the legislation and the integration of people with disabilities into society.