non profit charitable organization for breast cancer patients

E.M.E.I.S. is the only non-profit charitable organization in Greece which provides breast cancer treatment to patients who find themselves vulnerable unemployed, uninsured, immigrants, men & women who are permanent residents in Greece regardless of nationality. Founded in 2011 and operates exclusively on a volunteer basis.

Competence and Expertise Offered

1. Complete diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic and psychological treatment to more than 150 women with breast cancer.
2. Over more than 7.000 free clinical cancer diagnostics tests to women all over Greece residing in isolated, inaccessible rural areas in order to raise awareness among the general population.
3. The organization of IBUS
4. Training support to young doctors and nursing staff to attend specialized medical seminars relating to breast health care

Expertise sought

Particularly during this difficult time we are experiencing in our country, we wish our activities to act as an open invitation-challenge, not just to our members but to all who empathize with our vision, to join with us in fighting the battle against breast cancer.