The Foundation’s goal is to support sustainable development by supporting lifelong learning and intergenerational education.

The Foundation’s main activities are environmental education projects that promote the idea of sustainable development, rational resource management, biodiversity protection, climate protection, sustainable transport, and civic education for sustainable development. The projects are local, nationwide and international.
Projects are directed to the general public and to selected target groups: children and youth, seniors, professional groups, in particular officials, teachers, farmers and local communities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Foundation’s projects are in the form of social and educational campaigns, they are characterized by a large variety of activities, both direct, such as workshops, lectures or competitions, as well as publishing or media. They are addressed to different age groups, and one of the most important assumptions is their intergenerational character and increased durability due to cascade education and cooperation of NGOs.

Expertise sought

We are looking for experts in education for sustainable development, environment and climate change, active citizenship, participatory law local and national level for various age groups, including children and youth, but also as part of lifelong learning programs.