EAS SEGAS CYCLADES (a Union of Athletics Clubs) is a secondary degree legal entity representing 13 Athletic Clubs in the South Aegean Region.

Stable and mutually-beneficial synergies have been established with local authorities (Municipalities and the Region of South Aegean) and there is cooperation with other non-governmental and non-for-profit organisations, universities, state bodies, agencies, etc., depending on the scope and the objectives of the activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Organization of track and field athletics events, off-beaten track races, on a local, regional and European level
• promotion of HEPA through various sports and non-sports activities
• emphasis on developmental ages
• Organization and implementation of physical education & training seminars, info days, scientific seminars etc.
• Networking and collaboration with sports-related public, semi-public and private entities

Expertise sought

EAS SEGAS CYCLADES’s goal is to inspire people, no matter their age, gender, class status, etc., to be a part of the great sports family. Social inclusion coupled with the insularity dimension of the region are also top priorities. Sports are a multi-faceted phenomenon, with economic, social and environmental underpinnings, and EAS’s actions and activities always take into account these issues while also spreading the knowledge about sports to everybody.