We implement project related to local development, democracy and good governance. We offer workshops and organize citizens engagement campaigns.

We looking for a partner for the project: “Citizens Agent of Digital Transformation of Local Government”. This is an Awareness’ Campaign to Increase Citizens’ engagement trough digital methods in Decision Making process in Rural Communities. The project is implemented in 5 communes of Oltenia Region and addresses the lack of citizens participation in political, societal, or local issues in rural communities.
We aim to equip political leaders and ordinary people with knowledge about democracy values, importance of transparency and digital transformation.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Local Government, Local Development, Active Citizenship, Participatory Methods, Intergovernmental Relations, Youth engagement in Decision Making, Strategic Planning and Public Policy, Capacity Building, Entrepreneurship, Smart Specialization Strategy, Ethics of Civil Servants, Digital Transformation of Local Government

Expertise sought

Norwegian partner with similar expertise in the field of Local Development, Public Administration, Nordic Collaborative Governance