Education without Backpacks aims to assist the modernization of Bulgarian education and the generation of alternative educational resources.

Main field of work: education, digital tools and resources for education
Our ideas are connected with:
Empowering communities in remote and rural areas as well as other vulnerable groups with poor access to quality education to fully and effectively participate in economic and social life – through providing them with better educational chances thanks to distance and online learning and teaching opportunities as well as through empowering them to advocate for the basic need of access to quality education as a precondition to adequately participate in society.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have expertise in:
– application of different instruments and resources in school settings
– work with different stakeholders/at different levels – students, teachers, schools, local, regional, state authorities, decision-makers
– project management
– course development and organisation of events
– fundraising and media campaigns

Expertise sought

Еxperience with:
– public policies and measures in Norway and/or Europe for effective advocacy campaigns towards decision-makers
– working with vulnerable groups in the local communities to advocate for their needs.
– experience with EEA Financial Mechanism initiatives.