Neologos is NGO based in Bulgaria, interested in areas – sport, art, education, innovation, social inclusion, psychology.

Neologos is NGO, for public benefit, based in Bulgaria, founded in 2022. It’s a new organization but the team includes professionals in different areas – sport, art, education, innovation, social inclusion, psychology. They have many years experience as a teachers, trainers, university lecturers, IT specialists with many competences. Thanks to these specialists Neologos have capacity to organize:
– workshops, discussions, courses, seminars and any other events;
– qualification and retraining of staff;
– sport and culture events;
– STEAM and innovative activities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Neologos can help with expertise and professionalism to develop innovative concepts and activities in different areas, such as new teaching activities and modalities, guidelines and job-aids for teachers or school professionals, novel assessment tools, innovative procedures, digital platforms and learning systems.
We collaborate with schools, kindergartens, more than 3 universities in Bulgaria. We work with private companies in the field of education, IT sector, Arduino and Lego.

Expertise sought

Neologos was established to promote the following activities:
– cultural, artistic and creative activities (theater, cinema, exhibitions, etc.);
– for promoting traditional culture and folklore in the country and abroad, support of expression of the talents of children and students;
– sport events and activities;
– innovative teaching practices;
– for social integration of disadvantaged citizens, including educational integration;
– for support to children at risk of social exclusion/