Educational & Development Company “PLOIGOS” is a civil nonprofit company located in Heraklion, Crete.

Regional, educational and consultative organization in the field of vocational training and human resources development, while develops research activities and supporting services in binding vocational training and employment.

Project Idea:
organizing a special field for developing actions to support population groups that are excluded from the labor market and are facing social exclusion aiming through these actions on rural development, technological entrepreneurship, circular economy and the improvement of the local business and economy.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Educational & Development Company “PLOIGOS” is certified as a Vocational Training Centre of Regional range from the National Training Certification Center in several disciplines: Environment, Tourism – Provision of Services, Agricultural, Engineering – Transport, Health and Welfare, Culture and is a certified examination center for the European Computer Diploma “Telefos”. In the recent years the Company has been, also, active in the field of Refugees and Αsylum seekers.

Expertise sought

Organizations active in the field of social inclusion and protection of valnurable groups