eduRoma promotes equal access for Roma children to quality education and fights against segregation of Roma children in educational system.

eduRoma is a Roma educational non-governmental organization.eduRoma mission is to instigate changes in the school system and education so that schools and school facilities start providing quality education for all and at the same time create a new generation of interpersonal relationships for the healthy and sustainable development of an open and tolerant society in Slovakia. eduRoma fulfils its main goal through three programmatic areas: advocacy, field and media program.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Within advocacy program we organize professional conferences and seminars, joint coalitions, round tables, debates and public campaigns, researches, publications, exchange of international experience and knowledge. Through field program we train teachers and work directly with pupils and parents and we create and validate functional and effective educational models and create examples of good practice. Through media we sensitize public opinion and change the stereotypical picture of the Roma.

Expertise sought

We would like to find someone to share our experiences and knowledge and exchange the good practices.