We are helping to citizens and people, who didn’t live in Lithuania for a long time, but decided to move in. Helping them integrate faster.

After a 6 years of analysis, we purified main problems, which are we focusing to at the moment. The problems are children education or integration in the schools, so they don’t feel a barrier, or maybe special schools or classes. And finding jobs for adults. We have an idea, how to solve two problems – decreasing number of people in smaller regions, and unemployment in those areas. Our idea is to attract overseas businesses to these areas by offering low taxation, good business conditions, maybe doing an ecological business, and offer to the newcomers to move in to those areas.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We are a large network of people who have interest to come back, or to move in to Lithuania. We have a possibility to offer what ever options. We also have a informal website with job offers etc.

Expertise sought

In cooperation we want to attract more overseas businesses to move to Lithuania, or for new comers to start new business in our smaller regions. To help foreign people find a jobs in Lithuania, and to protect their rights. Also help to create special classes for children to adapt faster in Lithuanian education.