A Greek NGO founded to promote volunteering in Greece and to implement projects with social impact.

ELIX has organized hundreds of volunteer work programs in several locations across the country, focusing on the protection of the environment, the preservation of cultural heritage, the promotion of non-formal education and the strengthening of social cohesion.
ELIX implements a number of social programs aim at supporting socially vulnerable groups, such as the “Summer in the City” and the “This Summer is Ours” projects, as well as the “Learning for Integration” Project for refugee and migrant children in Greece.
The area which we would like to focus on is education for refugees and migrants

Competence and Expertise Offered

ELIX has been implementing educational projects for this particular target group since the outbreak of the refugee crisis in 2015, having acquired a valuable experience and developed pioneering methods and tools in doing so.
In addition, we have cooperated with prominent international bodies such as UNICEF, IOM and European Commission.
ELIX has received several awards for its projects in this area.
ELIX has also the necessary human resources with excellant and trainned staff.

Expertise sought

We are looking for NGOs that are active on this particular field and that can assist us in improving our work, our methods and our tools. NGOs with expertises on non-formal education, intercultural learning and migration will be ideal for a future partnership.
In addition, we are looking for organizations that have experience in advocacy since we are planning to develop an advocacy plan for the rights of this population to education.