Emma Foundation aims in education, participation, capacity building, engaging, civic society, ageing.

Activities in the field of stimulating the need for activity regardless of age, intergenerational integration, building local communities, solving social problems. Project ideas revolving around the implementation of social and educational projects for the benefit of individual adults and seniors. Running community centres, creating models of operating, supporting young local leaders. Developing a Design-Thinking method together with the residents to solve the most troublesome problems of the local community.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have been involved in consulting and training in the field of marketing and company management, human resources management and entrepreneurship. In the professional career they have dealt with the development and implementation of projects in the field of:
Research and audit of professional predispositions,
Competency audit and building competency models of human resources management,
Diagnosis of training needs.

Expertise sought

Advisors, coaches and experts, conducting trainings in the field of entrepreneurship, company management, human resource management, development of managerial and personal competences; diagnosing training needs based on professional predispositions; evaluating business plans. Design thinking facilitators.