We collect used computers and laptops. We train people to repair them and donate to schools and NGO’s.

Epanekkinisis is a social enterprise that since 2015 is promoting the reduction of e-waste and training adults to become experts in repairing computers. We also run a repair shop for computers and laptops with second hand parts.
We want to give practical training to disadvantaged people and empower them with starting their own “Epanekkinisis” computer repair shop.
Furthermore we want to receive second hand computers so we can refurbish and donate.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have a fully functional laboratory where all the training of adults takes place, and an experienced group of adult multi language teachers.
We have developed specialised software that is installed on all equipment we donate (currently only with Greek and English language!).
We can offer free collection of IT equipment anywhere in Athens, so any donations from abroad are welcome.
We can refurbish for free the donate PC and return them anywhere as long as transport expenses are covered.

Expertise sought

We are looking for volunteers to work/practice together with our technicians at repairing and refurbishing used computers and laptops.
We are seeking cooperation with NGO’s that want to offer training opportunities to refugees and other disadvantaged social groups in Greece.
We are seeking cooperation with anyone who wants to reduce e-waste by reusing IT equipment.