EPRALIMA was created in 1999, as a private non-profit organization, based on a cooperative regime that provides vocational Education and training.

Epralima has based its developmental strategy on preparing youths and adults for the exercise of qualified professions, by developing mechanisms that create closer ties between the school and economic institutions, as well as professional and cultural associations within the social tissue, in the name of achieving an integrated and qualified entrepreneurial training project, which meets the integrated developmental needs of the country, particularly at the regional and local levels.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Epralima possesses the following qualifications:
1.Carryout needs assessment and market studies;
2.Design technical and pedagogical resources to support training in various areas;
3.Develop various types of training for various target audiences;
4.Evaluate training and non-training interventions;
5.Design, implement and promote technological platforms to support the development of interventions;
6.Manage projects and partnerships.

Expertise sought

Epralima’s contribution derives from its core interventions, such as:
1.Development of a partnership working culture at the local, regional, national and community levels;
2.Development of innovative actions through the training and promotion of social and business innovation;
3.Development of integrated business and support of the social tissue;
4.Dissemination of lifelong learning culture for active citizens (employed and unemployed).