MARGARITA is an educational and vocational training center for people with intellectual disabilities.

V.T.C. Margarita is an educational entity focusing on intellectual disabilities. It has a curriculum which promotes the autonomy and inclusion of its beneficiaries, by investigating and creating ways of access to society. A large part of the population of the beneficiaries is adults. V.T.C. Margarita’s educational model is based on pre-vocational and vocational training, as well as programs about everyday living skills. Self-advocacy, Supported Employment, Independent living, Social Entrepreneurship, Sexuality and projects concerning these sectors are of “Margarita’s” interests.

Competence and Expertise Offered

In the framework of developing self-advocacy activities, Margarita created a committee of “Margarita” ’s beneficiaries that has been elected to represent the student body. The Committee is an important element of the everyday life of the organization as it is the voice of the people with mental disabilities. On Supported Employment, it runs a pilot project where persons with ID are trained “in vivo” at a gallery shop situated in the community. These are two fields of expertise of Margarita.

Expertise sought

Margarita seeks cooperation in the fields of Independent Living, Sexuality, Social Entrepreneurship. These are the fields that expertise is sought. However, it always seeks to improve its Supported Employment models with innovative good practices as well as widen its know-how in the field of self-advocacy and self-determination.