EDHV was founded in order to affirm the European idea in Croatia, presenting Croatia’s cultural and national heritage in Europe.

EHVU’s main goals:
The renewal and revitalization of Vukovar’s fragmented post-war community, the promotion of understanding, the building of mutual trust and the development of a spirit of tolerance among the citizens belonging to different ethnic, religious and political groups,
The encouragement to self-education and self-development,
The improvement of mental and physical health and raising of the tolerance limit in stressful situations,
Strengthening of youth, women, individuals with disabilities, national minorities, seniors)
Non-formal education of youth,
Environment protection.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Learning and training in overcoming the traumas of war and the promotion of health, in particular the strengthening of confidence.
Informing citizens about current developments in science, culture and politics, in order to update their worldview and to overcome existing stereotypes through lectures.
Creating opportunities for contacts between citizens in order to facilitate overcoming prejudice and distance.
Youth work.
The incitement of initiatives contributing to the revitalization of reg.

Expertise sought

We’d like to cooperate with partners and to learn more on topics related to development of local communities, improving positions and strenghtening of vulenrable groups in population. We are also looking for initiating of new partnerships and stregntening of existing ones thus contributing strenghtening of civil society on local and global level. In cooperation with local authorities and educational institutions we are eager to develop new business models and to contribute cross sector ideas.