European Anti-Violence Netrowk (EAVN) aims at primary, secondary & tertiary prevention of violence against women & girls (VAWG)/gender based violence.

EAVN is an NGO founded in 2006. It’s activities include the design, implementation & evaluation of capacity building, training, educational & awareness raising activities as well as research aiming prevention of violence against women & girls (VAWG), intimate partner violence (IPV) & domestic violence (DV). EAVN supports & empowers women survivors of IPV, has trained hundreds of teachers & health & social care professionals on gender equality, VAWG, IPV and DV and raises awareness of adolescents against gender stereotypes and dating violence.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Gender equality, gender based violence, dating violence, healthy and unhealthy relationships, gender stereotypes, violence against women & girls, intimate partner violence, domestic violence.

Expertise sought

EAVN looks for organizations to share good practices in the field of prevention of gender based violence and to commonly develop projects for capacity building of professionals, awareness raising of various target groups, support and empowerment of women survivors and advocacy activities.