“Europolice Federation of Greece” is a non-profit Organization which is registered in 20.10.2020 with the Court Decision Nr.50856.

• The prevention of crime in Greek Republic.
• The promotion of education, training, presentation of knowledge and experiences of subject in the Hellenic Republic and abroad in the field of public order, road safety fire protection and assistance in case of disaster.
• Providing assistance to victim of crimes and relatives.
• The fight against crime and corruption
• The fight against terrorism.
• The fight against human trafficking.
• The fight against high-tech cybercrime.
• Raising public awareness of the importance of security and cooperating with security structures

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our scope is to improve Greek territory. “Europolice Federation of Greece” Organization, created with the support of civil society Europolice Federation in the Slovak Republic

Expertise sought

When working in cooperation and partnership problem-solving speed is said to increase significantly. Apart from that, also creativity and innovation is enhanced as other people can see the task from diverse perspective and suggest slightly different solution or strategy to reach the purposes of the organization