Association “Expert Pool – Bulgaria” is a non-governmental organization registered and operating in the public interest, established in 2014.

The organization aims to build a wide network of experts for technical and informational
support for the small and medium businesses, the administration and the NGO sector
through: the creation and development of better information infrastructure in the field of national, European and international project financing; support to small and medium business, administrations and NGOs in identifying appropriate project ideas for their development; encourage and promote entrepreneurship in all its forms and varieties.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Consulting and informational support to identify sources of financial and other assistance
provided by bilateral or multilateral agreements with Member States of the European
Union, the European Economic Area, international banking institutions, non-governmental
organizations and other sources;
study and promotion of the various instruments for funding proposals for enterprises,
governments, NGOs and other organizations;
information and consultation, preparation and management of projects.

Expertise sought

Participation in the strategic planning, prioritization and programming of EU financial
instruments in the Republic of Bulgaria;
implementation of Partnership Projects for research and development (R & D), analysis,
evaluations, trainings, transfer and dissemination of innovation and knowledge;
cooperation with the specialized state and local authorities and institutions, as well as
other Bulgarian and international organizations with similar objectives.