Supporting people with health challenges though participatory visual art programs, therapeutic photography, art engagement and arts in healthcare.

Eyes of Light – Arts in Health Hub was founded in 2019, in Athens, Greece. Our purpose is to improve the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors through art, creating opportunities for empowerment, well-being and social connection. We envision a society, in which all the people with serious illnesses find strength and joy through art. Eyes of Light was created to contribute to a more humane and holistic treatment of cancer in Greece, through the innovative field of Arts in Health, and it is the first organisation in the country, dedicated to this field.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We pioneer in the use of therapeutic photography for cancer patients (with international recognition). We collaborate with artists from various visual art fields and realise participatory art projects, workshops, and collective artworks connecting patients with non-patients. We also organise digital art projects, exhibitions, and awareness campaigns, and we design art programs specifically aimed for healthcare settings.

Expertise sought

Organisations with similar programs and activities in the Arts and Health sector are welcome to collaborate. We also welcome proposals from artist groups, cultural professionals and potential partners dealing with vulnerable groups (preferably with health challenges). We are open to creative ideas that bring the varied benefits of culture to fellow human-beings.