Fargefabrikken create and develop cultural projects that are perceived as meaningful, inclusive, and attractive to children and young people.

We implement activities and experiences, organize safe and joyful meeting places where young art enthusiasts can have fun: – improve access to professional art experiences
– build the understanding of esthetic development and the messy parts of generating ideas both in making art and in making
sense of the art and the world. Our goal is to create space and depth. Focus on understanding and openness in relation to what is different, make room for critical questions. We produce content-rich activities with both traditional and innovative expressions and methods, workshops, courses, exhibitions.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Fargefabrikken represent professional knowledge in art subjects and have extensive pedagogical expertise and experience. We also have solid experience in creative, executive and practical competence. We have been doing this for over 20 years with workshops and courses, activity exhibitions and productions for The Cultural school bag as well as public art projects in collaboration with artists, cultural workers and organizers in the private and public sectors.

Expertise sought

Fargefabrikken welcome everyone with ideas, ability and willingness to carry out good and important creative projects for kids and youths. We look forward to meet you and build a bridge where we can learn from each other both professionally and culturally.

We have recently completed two international projects with Latvia with support from EEA Grant and OCA Norway.