Prevent through educacion bullying& psychological violence in labour relations, provide professional therapy groups and legal assistance to victims.

We provide training courses accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic with topics such as: Elimination of pathological behaviour, Communication Skills, Critical thinking – how to detect fake news, Prevention of burnout syndrom, Incorporation of new elements into teaching, etc. We offer a comprehensive product “Live the day Academia” of analysis and training to improve workplace relational culture and eliminate pathologies. We provide therapy groups and legal assistance to victims.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– Courses with Ministry of Education accreditation on several topics including critical thinking – fake news, elimination of pathological behaviour in the workplace, communication skills for healthy working environment, hate free culture.
– Psychological support, self-help group – specialists in the field of psychology and coaching
– Legal assistance to victims
– Educational material
– Education: training, lectures, present or on-line courses
– Working languages: Czech/Slovak, English

Expertise sought

– We are looking for a partner to join efforts in preventing pathological behaviour.
– We can work as a national guarantor of media/educational campaigns. We can tailor made the campaign and the educational materials to fit the target group, may that be general public or a specified industry.