We work to raise the standard of living of those who have the least, both financially and socially.

An important work is to influence the national political system, and by helping the most vulnerable groups. We influence the political system by holding regular meetings where we discuss topics that are relevant. Our organisation have seminars and courses with diffrent themes that are interesting to our target group. Future work will be to create a poverty report that deals with how poverty affects each other within Europe.
The UN’s Sustainable Development Goal No. 1 is about fighting poverty. And this must be done globally. That is why we want an international poverty report.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our field of expertise is both professional and personal experience. We include those who are the most vulnerable to tell and show their story.
We can share our experiences and our way of working with national authorities. Our professional backgrounds are different, but our commitment to our work is the most important.

Expertise sought

A partner with commitment and knowledge of how poverty affects the individual in their country. And how you see solutions to the problem of poverty. By sharing experiences and knowledge, we will be able to obtain an in-depth and international poverty report.