Fønix is the largest company within the vocational rehabilitation market in Norway with more than 200 employees. Mostly teachers and trainers.

Fønix works with jobseekers and migrants and are specialized on the work with youth unemployemnt (NEETs). We use mainly Individual Placement and Support (IPS) and Supported Employment as methodology.

Fønix also has extensive experience with internal company training on many different levels and topics.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We can offer expert partnership on the following topics:

Vocational rehablitation and special programs for youths
Language training and integration for migrants
Programs on health, sick leave and social inclusion
Lifelong career guidance – both individual and in groups
Basic skills in working life – also in attention to formal qualifications (VET)

Expertise sought

Fønix has extensive experience with international projects in Erasmus+, Nordplus and EEA Norway Grants.

We are always looking for new opportunities for partnership on the topics mentioned. We can offer a strong working relationship with experience and professionalism.