FONSS is an umbrella organisations of social service providers (NGOs) aiming at inclusive communities and sustainable, qualitative services for all.

We advocate and lobby for the sustainable development of quality services in every community, responsive to people’s needs and well led. We work with NGOs, research institutes and public authorities to improve the regulatory frameworks of these services, to empower citizens and to increase their access to social services, in their communities. We disseminate good practices and we work with our members for the continuous improvement of their services. We contribute to policy making and policy recommendations and we promote the human rights paradigm in the social sector.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Advocacy and lobby for sustainable and quality social services in every community;
Research in the field of social protection, policy modernization;
Technical assistance for the public procurement of social services, needs assessment at local levels, modernization of services;
Training in the field of social services: regulatory mechanisms (access procedures, quality, funding, monitoring and evaluation, management and internal regulations), partnerships, human rights based paradigm.

Expertise sought

We look for partners who can provide expertise in research and in the elaboration of local or national policies, in the field of social services for all categories of vulnerable or marginalized groups. We value innovative experiences that could increase the cooperation between NGOs and public authorities in the services sector. We also look for effective practices that could be an inspiration for our members and would improve the access of citizens to quality services in their communities.