The society of the active inhabitants makes a safe, orderly and attractive environment. It helps the citizens themselves to create solutions.

We are interested to inspire and encourage citizens to be active, to dare to invest the energy, knowledges and ideas to improve the local environment by themselves. We organize events (small markets, contests), find needs for environmental elements (youth resting area, fitness area, trails in the forests etc), find local persons,elements to be proud of (e.g.stories about the village), co-orporation with other countries, areas.
Project ideas: implement some elements of other institutions in the local area, to increase local people activities and compare their motivations.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have very good communication skills with local municipality. We have find the attractive ways to be visible for other communities, we are ready to share our experience how to grow the new organisation.

Expertise sought

The know-how and knowledge how to increase interest and encourage the local citizens to be active, to be interested in the development of the village.
The knowledge how to raise funding for the social community, how to be more attractive for entrepreneurs.