FOREGROUND is a non-profit organization that finds, illuminates and creates engaging educational and entertaining content.

The Foundation works in the field of culture, arts, science and education. Our aims are:
– Exploration and promotion of cultural, natural and architectural heritage;
– Using creativity to facilitate learning and innovation;
– Developing tourism products to foster intercultural exchange.
Our mission is to show valuable examples of age-old traditions and cultures, world-changing ideas, amazing creations of the nature and the human kind. We explore our world to find new answers, get closer to stories that matter and provide educational tools to curious minds around the world.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– To organize public events
– To create cause-related partnerships helping to make a direct impact on the communities in which we live
– To develop and promote educational materials and interactive tools to open new doors to learning
– To develop digital tools for deeper engagement with online followers to make the content easily accessible
– To participate in research and exploratory projects, programs and initiatives
– To produce and broadcast documentary films and programs