GLASSKULE shapes children’s drawings into beautiful, handmade glass tiles. The tiles build iconic objects and monuments in public or relevant spaces.

“Glasskule” is based in Fredrikstad, Norway. We offer in one hand design, consulting, collective creative process, production and transport of the final object.
Our objects are e. g. portals, pavilions, gazebos and other compelling structures. They can be set in parks, gardens, road crossings or also indoors.
Our works are especially conceived to give a tangible shape to the unity of a collectivity / fellowship; also and especially if their members are physically distant.
The sum is more than the single parts; we empower individuals within collectivities.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Consulting: analyse of your purpose, what is your goal
Design: which type of construction / object suits to your project
Creative: our artists and pedagogists lead the children through the process of creating tiles
Production: our specialized hand crafters transform the drawings into hand-made tiles, build them in the construction of choice and organize the transport to the place(s) of destination

Expertise sought

We are looking for bilateral projects where we can offer our competences and knowledge to build bridges between and within communities. Twinned cities, international projects where a tangible, durable and beautiful testimony is desired.