“RODNA RECH” NGO strives to reserve the Bulgarian traditions and customs among the Bulgarian society in Norway. This is the organization´s main aim.

Other fields of expertise of the organization are to form and promote the Bulgarian self-awareness and identity, to collect and develop deeper knowledge of the Bulgarian traditions, culture, history, ethnography, and folklore, to organize the Bulgarian community and their families to participate in various social, artistic and cultural events, to organize language courses (Bulgarian, Norwegian) for children, youngsters, and adults.

Competence and Expertise Offered

RODNA RECH NGO has a wealth of involvement in the area of experience as a social assistant are associated to support and training the hall age groups of people which need to become more integrated in the community. The organization strives to develop various approaches based on anti-racism and anti-discriminatory strategies for the purpose of solving existing between-human problems and conflicts.

Expertise sought

«RODNA RECH» aims to increase access and participation in education on Bulgarian language, culture and traditions for Bulgarian citizens from minority groups (e.g. Roma people, Turkish people). Thus, the organization aims to improve the living conditions of the people from the marginalized community in the Kingdom of Norway.