BLHR is an NGO established in 1993. Through network of more than 25 lawyers it works for promotion of human rights through litigation and education.

The foundation seeks to promote the establishment and effective implementation in Bulgaria of international standards of legal protection of human rights.
To achieve this goals it acts in two main directions:
Legal assistance and strategic litigation related to specific, repeated violations of human rights before Bulgarian and international courts and revealing inconsistency of the Bulgarian legislation and case law with international standards.
Educational activities targeting the legal community on international instruments and their application for protection of human rights.

Competence and Expertise Offered

– to provide legal help to the victims of human rights violation
– to provide expertise in litigation on strategic cases as we work in the field with highly profiled legal experts
– to provide trainings for legal practitioners and students in the field of human righs
– to prepare amicus curiae before relevant courts and institutions
– to make reserches and reviews on legal topics
– to prepare propolsal to amendments of legal acts
– to organise debates and conferences

Expertise sought

We would like to cooperate with an organisation with expertise in the field who can provide us with information and researches about good practices in other countries related to protection of human rights.
We will be glad to invite an expert/s who can share experience with legal practitioners during a seminar or other educational activities