We promote dialogue, mutual respect, and cooperation among people and cultures. We choose to challenge because from challenge comes change.

*cultural education/social exclusion – our European experience is based on Grundtvig Partnership projects: “Open to YOUrope” and “Senior Citizens Empowerment for Active Aging”, HOPE/Hands ON Plastic Environment and international Brave Kids project
Project ideas: 1. Project on type 1 diabetes – partner with such experience needed as we work with exclusion but not diabetes. 2. Environmental project around social gardens -we have recreational land of 0,8 hectare.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We have 10-year experience in the projects connected with exclusion but not in the field of health but in interculturality – our flagship project Brave Kids gave us a lot of expertise. We are professionals in the Cultural Studies as background and we have working experience in environmental and social projects in Mexico. Within international projects we always take care of social media and blogs. Moreover we have been implementing projects from Erasmus+, Marshall’s Office and US Embassy grants.

Expertise sought

For both our ideas we are seeking partners with expertise in:
1. diabetes type 1 and evrything connected with it
2. environement and social gardens – we would like an organisation which knows exactly how to build around the idea of social garden, environment and how to make it in a sustainable way. We would love to create a social garden and a space (modules to be in) for the environmental education.