FAIE works for promoting lifelong learning, supports international cooperation of NGOs and personal and professional development through culture/art.

FAIE’s main objective is to promote lifelong learning – developing skills, predispositions, interests – both in personal and professional life. We support NGOs in planning, initiating and developing international cooperation inspired by a network of over 20 cooperating organisations in EU. We promote and support personal development through culture and art (professional as well non-professional). We are also working for empowering democracy. Since 2014 FAIE is the member of the EURODESK network. FAIE was founded in 2011 in Bielsko-Biała (Poland, Silesian Voivodship).

Competence and Expertise Offered

FAIE offers experience at:
1/ International project management (PMP certificate issued by PMI);
2/ Advice and support for NGOs in international cooperation;
3/ Needs analysis and designing, planning and organising trainings (management, social competences, language skills);
5/ Designing and implementing research in the CSO sector;
4/ Administrative advice to natural persons and legal advice for NGOs.
We are certified to use Structured Dialogic Design Methodology.

Expertise sought

1/ Good practices and innovations in the adult education sector, including working with the seniors
2/ International partnerships and networking of CSOs and support for their development
3/ Networks of international cooperation of entities from the education, culture and arts sectors
4/ Promotion of an active citizenship and empowering democracy
5/ Supporting educational mobility of the youth and youth workers
6/ Designing and realizing research in the CSO sector
5/ Support for craftsmen.