We are convinced that united in the Open Door Foundation members will make every effort, professional experience and knowledge to achieve their goals

The organization has been created in 2008 and we have a local activity for this moment. We are focused generally in social programs and activities that are related to solving the problems of people with disabilities, youth employment, innovation and innovative technology, traditional industries and others.
We actively participated in programs and projects related to minority groups, enhancing their education, training, retraining, etc. Our members are working on projects related to construction of trails, improve the biodiversity of certain territories.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Members of the Open Door Foundation and all volunteers fighting for their causes have the necessary capacity and experience to achieve their goals, including in the field of social affairs and in particular childcare.Our members participates in many volunteer activities.We work on different projects.”Present Yourself – Be Successful!” Under the KD1 “Mobility”, Youth Sector of the Erasmus + Europe for Citizens Program – “WWII: Memories of Eastern European Nations in Education” and others

Expertise sought

we would like to work with partners with similar experience to ours