Salvation Army is a global faith based organization that works within social issues especially regarding services to vulnerable groups, and avocacy

Vulnerable groups, alcohol and drug addiction, homelessness, modern slavery, Roma inclusion, children and family protection, work inclusion,
We would be interested in transnational projects related to social problems in Norway related to work migration e.g. roma that beg, alcohol problems among homeless EU citizens, moderne slavery

Competence and Expertise Offered

Salvation Army Norway will consider being a partner in a project under the condition that The Salvation Army in the beneficiary country is a partner in the project. You can contact them directly for opening up the subject, or TSA Norway can help you get in contact.

We are open to consider collaboration on projects regarding the abovementioned thematics

Expertise sought

Organisations with expertice on Roma inclusion, modern slavery, homelessness, alcohol og drug addicition that can have a mutual benefit in collaborating with The Salvation Army in the beneficiary country.