Founded in 1997; Mission: quality of life of both people and the environment; Scope: culture, science and education.

The Foundation dedicates special attention to Cultural Heritage, Sustainable Architecture and Spatial Planning.
Within this context, it developed a vast programme that includes the implementation in Portugal of the National Architecture Award for Universities and the Iberian Prize for New Traditional Architecture.
Also along with the government, the Foundation is implementing the National Policy on Architecture and Landscape and the National Network of Traditional Building Masters.

Competence and Expertise Offered

The Foundation is an institution that is agile in the creation of network synergies towards the establishment of useful connections between noteworthy initiatives and the maximization of resources. For many years the Foundation represented in Portugal the Association of European Cities and Regions for Culture (Les Rencontres). The organization was created in 1994 by the European Commission, Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs.

Expertise sought

Local energization in the framework of European Cooperation for strengthening the collaboration and active participation between transnational partners through matchmaking events, technical exchanges, short-term internships, training actions, workshops and seminars.