The aims of our foundation include legal education, increasing legal awareness, shaping civic attitudes and promoting consumer rights.

We have performed several projects on legal education, including project on national scale addressed to senior citizens from all over Poland (legal advising therein) as well as regional projects addressed to children and adolescents Some of the projects were sponsored by public means. As for topics offered we helped seniors citizens with consumer rights and as for the youth we e.g. (e.g. helping them with first steps in banking.
Within the sectoral project of EEA grants we would like to offer legal assistance to Polish ngo sector by why of training and advising.

Competence and Expertise Offered

We offer competence in the field of law. This includes the knowledge of specific areas where assistance is planned to be given as well as required by non-governmental organizations e.g. GDPR or employment law. We also possess expertise in the field of training and advising both to due to our experience as the active organization but also due to individual competences of engaged persons , lawyers profession.

Expertise sought

We think that working with an organization that are strong in marketing, contact base building and strong in new technology communication would constitute a considerable advantage for the project.
First we would like to make our assistance known to small organization and help them, so that marketing and contact base building would be very much needed.
Second, by ways of using some IT platforms we could provide aid to more organizations and to those in small places not just capital city.