Healthy City Foundation was established in 2015 in response to the need to create a thriving non-governmental organization in the Podlasie Voivodship.

We organize PR campaigns, activities in the field of health-protective behaviors. We coordinate the activities of the University of the Third Age in Supraśl and the Polish Eastern Medical Cluster ( We work with rehabilitationists and callisthenics trainers.
We support the development of Polish business by acquiring European funds, supporting design and expansion into foreign markets. We conduct design audits, coordinate a nationwide program 100% Polish Capital ( We organize promotional activities for enterprises.

Competence and Expertise Offered

As part of the coordination of the medical cluster, we have access to competent resources of the medical university, polytechnic and companies from the medical industry.

Expertise sought

We are looking for partners who can support us with their experience in the implementation of projects with a medical denominator. We are particularly interested in the areas of running day care homes, care for the elderly, and rehabilitation.