Ikaros Foundation for Active Youth works with disadvantaged youth (hearing impaired, living in poverty), with young people enrolled in school.

Ikaros Foundation for Active Youth works mainly with disadvantaged young people like hearing impaired, those living in poor conditions or in rural areas. In the same time, Ikaros works with schools trying to fight the bullying phenomenon and supports young people in becoming active citizens in their community, in reducing waste and recycling, in interacting with and discovering other cultures.
Currently, we are implementing a social entrepreneurship project and are ready to open our first social business: a pizza shop where hearing impaired young people will work.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our team has expertise in the following areas:
– project design and implementation
– more than 10 years in the social field
– experience in managing social economy projects
– experience in non-formal education
We also have a large network of schools with whom we work, all over the country.

Expertise sought

We seek to find partners who are working with young people in the same areas of interest as ours, especially partners who are running social businesses too. We would love to continue our work for hearing impaired young people or to fight bullying in schools or simply to support young people in taking action in the society and in being opened to other cultures.