We aim to create more inclusive and competitive society by investing in knowledge focused on well-being and innovative solutions to social challenges

High quality in education and research is important for a well-functioning career path and for a continuous steady growth of the Norwegian welfare society. Therefore, FURIM generates knowledge by utilizing evidence-based approaches in order to verify the needs and expectations of individuals and puts this knowledge into practice by designing and implementing cutting-edge products and services. Main Sectors: Education & Training, and Well-being & Sport.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Inclusion and Diversity, Digitalization, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Skill development and Career guidance are overarching priorities that characterize the activities of the FURIM Institute. Our goal is to adapt the society to diversity and give everyone a real opportunity to participate in the community. We also focus on improving the necessary skills and competencies to promote entrepreneurial mindset, promoting more specialized ICT competence in society, and by working strategically with skills development, we secure the current and future needs of the labor market.