GAU – is a non-profit association, whose main activity is the art of performing dance in the AfroUrban style.

We make artistic interventions Through:
1. Dance classes;
2. Dance workshops;
3. Dance shows;
4. Dance Urban Festival.

Making shows nationally, and internationally, to develop and dynamize the art of Afro-urban dance for everyone and strengthen the performative culture with civic awareness as well as empowering vulnerable groups through partnerships between institutions.

Competence and Expertise Offered

GAU has the opportunity and honor to work with a team with 15 years of experience in the area of ​​Afrourban performative dance. A graphic designer, with 12 years of work experience, carrying out various digital graphics projects, who is responsible for creating outfits and marketing the shows held at GAU.
GAU will offer an unic experience, rich in Afro-urban dance culture, not being a sport but a way of life to make people happier in our daily lives, positively infecting everyone around us.

Expertise sought

GAU seeks to get to know other ONG, that dedicate themselves to the art of dance, to create projects for dance shows, dance workshops, exchange of experience of different dance styles, dance intervention with demonstration for the community of the country that can receive us to develop a partnership project.