we are a NGO that
a) runs an emergency scholarship for Syrian Students;
b) makes international advocacy for higher education in emergencies

Our organization deals with the topicla issue of boosting Higher Education in emergency situations . we started with a scholarship program for Syrians and are now developing a more systemic approach to this field aiming at setting up a Rapid Response Mechanism for Higher Education in Emergencies. this field of action is linked to SDGs 4,5 and 16 as well as to paragraph 82 of the New York Declaration adopted in 2016.

Competence and Expertise Offered

He offer scholarship opportunities based on a holistic approach, work with HEIs to integrate students coming from fragile settings and develop complementary activities aimed at providing these students with soft skills allowing them to be prepare in advance their careers

Expertise sought

we are looking for partners with three main objectives:
1- expand our RRM in order to provide it with a global outreach – so more international partners are crucial both as host HEIs, as partners and as funders(donors;
2- develop more partnerships to develop furtehr our “soft skills” programmes notabley for female students and in the fields of global citizenship, mediation and leadership
3- promoting advocacy to boost higher education opportunities in emergencies