“GO Alive” is a youth NGO that promotes mindfulness, self-awareness, wellbeing, a healthy and a balanced lifestyle, with an emphasis on prevention.

“GO Alive” focuses on:
The educational, professional, cultural and mental empowerment and development of young people (especially those with fewer opportunities) and the improvement of their skills and competences, by facilitating their active citizenship, employment and transition to the job market.
The promotion of the values ​​of non-formal learning and education, which contributes to the socio-educational development of individuals.
– The implementation of programs to upgrade the quality of human life and protect the social and natural environment.

Competence and Expertise Offered

“GO Alive” team organizes workshops on Mindfulness and Wellbeing, on European active participation, on Entrepreneurship and on Health Prevention topics. We use methods based on Non Formal Education and active participation.
It is a pure youth organisation with gender balance and age diversity. Members are entrepreneurs and graduates of higher education faculties in the areas of Finance, Engineering, Literature, Medicine and Law.

Expertise sought

We are seeking expertise in Youth Education, Talent Support Mindfulness and Medicine. It would be preferable the partner to be a youth organization in order to foster any possible future partnership in the field of youth (empowerment and motivation).