Gutenberg 3.0 Fnd was established with the aim to develop a digital educational tool that strengthens Bulgarian children’s functional literacy.

42% of Bulgaria’s 15-years’ old are functionally illiterate (PISA, 2016). We develop an innovative tool (Knigovishte) that supports children’s reading competencies. The tool is to be used at school and in the free time. After reading a book, children fill in a quiz that verifies their understanding of the read material, and earn points. While their classmates also use the tool, they start competing who has gained more points (i.e. read and understood more books), thus turning reading into a fun, cool thing. Knigovishte builds upon also an element that supports media literacy&civic education.

Competence and Expertise Offered

What we offer is:
– a great start up idea;
– a highly qualified and motivated team
– a detailed project development and implementation plan
– a detailed media strategy
– a highly qualifies digital developers team
– a community of volunteers that collaborate on the project development

Expertise sought

We are looking for partners that have know – how in the field of innovative education approaches and tools; teaching media literacy at schools; developing media literacy in general; civic education in the early educational phases (up to 14 years old); educational startups; and every other capacity that could assist us in developing our ambitious project (the eductaional digital platform “Knigovishte” should eventually be used in every school in Bulgaria!).