Our association undertakes its activities in the field of tourism, cultural heritage and environmental protection in Harghita County (Romania).

Main activities:
1. Development and popularization of tourism (facilitating access to development possibilities for operators within the field of tourism; improving institutional frameworks in the tourism sector; organizing fairs, exhibits, tourism conferences; creating publications; participating in thematic projects (e. g. Mary’s Way), and popularizing religious and cultural tourism, etc.)

2. Management of protected areas (doing studies, research; administration of protected areas; development of programs and projects in the field of sustainable tourism)

Competence and Expertise Offered

The objective of Harghita Community Development Association is implementation of projects at national and international level which contribute to the development and promotion of the county tourism and as well to the conservation of the protected areas. We have an extensive network (entrepreneurs, municipalities, NGO-s, universities etc.).

Expertise sought

Our association is looking for projects in which our competencies could be added-value.