HHRI is a resource data-base sharing free information about the consequences of human rights violations on mental health.

Sharing information in contexts of disaster, conflict and war and an overview of experiences in the field as well as ways of dealing with psychological consequences. HHRI have a special focus Gender based violence in war and conflict areas and the consequences that this have on the migrant population and refugees in general. One of our main purposes is to share knowledge on how to manage human rights violations such as gender based violence, torture or other forms of traumatic experiences. HHRI have a wide experience in holding trainings in the topics mentioned above.

Competence and Expertise Offered

HHRI have written a manual on how to meet survivors of gender based violence in war and conflict areas. With this manual we have conducted trainings in several countries such as Cambodia, Turkey, Jordan, Sudan, Iraq, Romania, Georgia, Colombia and Mexico. This manual has been translated to Arabic, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. There have been concrete enquiries to translate the manual to Mongolian and Nepalese.

Expertise sought

We are seeking cooperating organisations that would like to learn how to use and to teach others in our Gender based violence manual as a tool for meeting survivors of traumatic events.