The Hellenic Center for Intercultural Psychiatric Care “Costis Ballas” for the last 18 years implements activities of psychological and social support

The Center for Intercultural Psychiatry and Care “Kostis Ballas” is a non-profit organization, founded in 1991. Its main objetive is to provide psychological and social support to persons with special needs as well as reintegration services for socially excluded groups. Active in poor geographical areas it has experience in supporting populations caracterized by cultural and / or religious specificities, unemployment, lack of education, abuse of addictive substances, (psychologically suffering adults, persons with addictions, roma, muslims).

Competence and Expertise Offered

The main activities of the “Hellenic Center” is the administratiion of two day centers for adults together with two pensions for elders suffering from mental disorders. The day centers are experienced in diagnosing and evaluating the psychological situation of patients focusing on avoiding further hospitalization. Day Centers and pensions empower participants skills through a variety of activities,
Raise community awareness on mental health, reintegration avoidαnce on stigmatization.

Expertise sought

Expertise on human rights, public awareness on mental disorders empowerement of participation in civic activities, civil society advocacy and watchdog role, social and psychological support of mental sufferers’ relatives and friends, advocacy activities, psychological, social and mental racism, social inclusion, professional reintegration.