N.G.O for the protection of wild birds and their habitats – education, raising of public awareness, protection, research, policy making.

drawing analogies between human and bird migration and finding ways of protection
demonstrate the interconnectedness of nature and societies.
Advocacy skills for the children and youth in order to influence environmental policy making.
Mobilise active citizens against bird crime (illegal trapping and killing, trafficking and poisoning)
Cultivate environmental responsibility and realising the impact of human activities to the environment
the impact of climate change in birdlife

Competence and Expertise Offered

leading enviromental education projects for children and youth
40 years of managing national and international projects
Production of multilingual educational material
public awareness campaigns
extended volunteers network all over Greece
16.000 participants in our activities every year
acclaimed partner of public projects

Expertise sought

children and youth environmental consciousness projects
climate change and energy production impact
nature conservation efforts