Hellenic Rescue Team is the greatest nonprofit Search And Rescue (SAR) Union in Greece, with human resources of about 2.000 highly trained volunteers.

Search & Rescue (in water/mountain/urban field – including exploitation of rescue dogs & a highly developed communication network). First Aid/Response (including massive casualty events) & Training (for both our volunteers & other citizens). Social Welfare & Humanitarian Missions. Safety Education/Training. Civic Society Development & Citizen Involvement. Civil Protection. Transborder and Trans-sector Collaboration. Disaster Resilient Society (research & evolving). Deployment in both National & International Missions. Information & Communication Technologies (innovation & implementation).

Competence and Expertise Offered

Our members are active volunteers. All of them are trained in the field of our work. A great number has had already many years of experience in our activities and in real-life incidents (both nationally & during international missions). There is also quite a number of certified trainers who offer high level education for both our volunteers and interested citizens. Our team constantly participates in exercises and research projects in collaboration with organizations all over Europe