The Kinoniko EKAV (Hellenic Social Welfare Assistant Unit) is an independent social organization aiming at combating any form of social exclusion.

The Kinoniko EKAV aims at reaching out and helping people who have lost the capacity to meet their basic needs by themselves (accommodation, food, health care, etc.), and often even the capacity to ask for help and being in deep desperation. Such groups are, for example, street children, homeless individuals, unaccompanied minor refugees, isolated women, refugees with disabilities, unemployed etc. The objective of the organization is to create a human relationship, which is then used to lead gradually to social reintegration.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Kinoniko EKAV cooperates with public health, welfare, and social institutions, with independent social organizations active in these fields, as well as with any public or private body, domestic or international, capable of supporting the fight against social exclusion. Kinoniko EKAV acts through mobile teams, providing immediate sanitary, psychological, legal and social support, on the very spot where people needing it are identified.

Expertise sought

Kinoniko EKAV, due to its expertise in Third Country Nationals’ integration, empowerment, medical and psychological support and training issues, would like to participate in consortia involved in the above mentioned issues.