Other worldly presence within movement and dance, belonging to a national and international art scene per se, including film, fashion, theater, music

Monica Emilie Herstad is leading her art research through her organization herStay, when working independently. Since 2005 she is performing art research through Centre of Ibsen Studies at University of Oslo, until 2009, qualifying as a research already in 2005, further studying Archiving Digitization and Fieldwork at NTNU, and Critical Dance Theory at Stockholm University since 2015, now implementing courses in Research Methodology, and so on. Beside teaching within Restitution Yoga, being a qualified teacher already in the nineties within ballet, and since 2013 in Yoga.

Competence and Expertise Offered

Monica Emilie Herstad many acclaimed performances, prize winning as well as by critics, are of a vague and careful kind, that offers the audiences resonance to the ideas presented, often with a touch recognizable themes that belongs to literature and drama, fragments of texts, hence Henrik Ibsens plays as a specialty. Her performances resembles a filmatic quality, and can be seen at a distance, to better be able to kind of grasp it all. Digital and live presence is hence both an advantage here.

Expertise sought

An art institution that can serve as a host for our collaborative atmosphere. An art gallery, a museum, orchestras, music or theater scenes, literature arenas, festivals, castle performances, fashion shows, filmatic presentations, you name it.